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Artificial Grass Installation Elite offers a huge inventory of Turfs to choose from. Most artificial grass installation companies and installers carry turf from one supplier, Elite stocks turf from over 12 different manufacturers! But don't worry, your experienced consultant will help you select the right turfs that fit your lifestyle, budget, and needs.

So if you're looking to install some Artificial Grass for your Dogs, we can show you 2 or 6 different types, rather than just one!

There are dozens upon dozens of different manufacturers out there. Some are excellent, some are average, and yes, some are absolute garbage. We only carry reputable brands with solid manufacturer warranties. Why, because we've seen what can happen to faulty or poorly constructed synthetic turf. As the great Elon Musk says, "Great companies are built on great products!

Best Artificial Turf
Choosing the right turf can give anyone a headache, especially with so many different options. There are a lot of manufacturers out there, so here's a quick list in our articles section to help you decide: What is the Best Turf?

Imperial Turf Supply
15-18 year warranty.
37 products in stock.

Synthetic Grass Store
15 year warranty.
10 products in stock.

Simple Turf
18 year warranty.
7 products in stock.

SGW Tiger Turf
15 year warranty.
10 products in stock.

Everlast Turf
15 year warranty.
10 products in stock.

Purchase Green
Lifetime warranty.
12 products in stock.

Smart Turf
15 year warranty.
10 products in stock.

SGS Turf
16 year warranty.
19 products in stock.

Easy Turf
8 year warranty.
18 products in stock.

8-11 year warranty.
25 products in stock.

Turf Store Express
8-11 year warranty.
25 products in stock.

Shaw Grass
15 year warranty.
7 products in stock.

Turf Rev
15 year warranty.
10 products in stock.

We carry a multitude of different infills for artificial grass: regular plastic coated silica sand, green sand, hydrochill turf chiller (to lower surface temperatures), geofill (natural, cooling infill), wonderfill (for playgrounds and play areas) and zeofill (for pet odor control).

Wonderfill is coated with premium vinyl coating to encapsulate dust and is less abrasive than other coatings. Wonderfill is designed to reduce/prevent the growth of:
Staphylococcus Aureus (Bacteria)
Aspergillius Niger (Fungi)
Candida Albicans (Yeast Infection)
EColi (Bacteria).

Geofill is the leading "natural" infill in the industry, made from coconut grown in Sri Lanka & India. Geofill is resistant to mold, mildew & salts. Geofill will not negatively affect the environment, subsequent users, or a land fill at the end of its life cycle. Geofill can decrease surface temperatures by up to 40° F.
Last but not least, Geofill has the appearance of soil, giving your turf a much more realistic look and feel than other forms of infill out there on the market.

Gopher Mesh:
When you install artificial grass with ELITE, you can say goodbye to your gopher problems. Our 2-4 inches of compacted base underneath the turf, along with gopher wire, will create a barrier that gophers and moles cannot get through. In most cases, gophers will migrate to another area, leaving your lawn hole free!

Industrial Weed Barrier Cloth:
Have weed problems? Artificial Grass is a terrific solution to stubborn weed infestation. We also provide a second line of defense with industrial weed barrier cloth in our installation. Have a major problem with crab grass? We'll make it a thing of the past! Give us a call today to learn more!

Green Sand Infill HydroChill Turf Chiller